Hand-in-hand we create
the perfect solution for you

We design according to your requirements.

In a joint dialogue we workout an approach to your hydraulic problem. Either we adjust an already existing concept to fit your requirements or we find a new approach based on a hydraulic diagram or the obstacles overcome under consideration of the operational area and the resulting guidelines. Based on this concept we compile a cost estimate for you.


If you approve of our concept we continue to develop a step-model for the further process. We provide it vor you in the file format you demand.



Subsequent to the development we manufacture a prototype.

If it meets your requirements and wishes, we continue to manufacture the requested number of units.

If optimization is required, we alter the concept as wished until you are satisfied with the product.


If desired, we assemble your valve manifolds as wished to ease the installation in your system.


On request we rework the standing product, to improve it according to your vision for further orders.